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Why Hire a Consultant?

At Consultant Fee LLC, our core principles are the driving force behind our private money real estate lending consultancy. Our retired mortgage broker consultants bring decades of experience, a client-centric approach, and a commitment to excellence. Partner with us and benefit from the expertise of seasoned professionals dedicated to helping you achieve your real estate goals.  Here’s a summary of why you should consider engaging the services of such a consultant:


Extensive Experience

With over 30 years of experience as mortgage brokers, our core principle is leveraging our extensive knowledge and expertise in the real estate industry. We bring a wealth of insights, understanding, and a deep understanding of lending practices to guide our clients effectively.


Client-Centric Approach

We prioritize the needs and goals of our clients above all else. Our core principle is to provide personalized, client-centric solutions that align with their unique circumstances. We take the time to understand their objectives, financial situation, and risk tolerance to offer tailored lending options.


Trust and Integrity

Trust is the cornerstone of our business. We operate with the highest level of integrity, ensuring complete transparency and honesty in our dealings. Our clients can trust us to act in their best interests and make informed decisions that foster long-term relationships.

proactive communication

Proactive Communication

Effective communication is vital in the lending process. We make it a core principle to maintain proactive and open lines of communication with our clients. We provide regular updates, promptly address inquiries, and ensure that our clients are informed throughout every stage of the lending process.

Access to resources

Access to Resources

Our extensive experience in the industry has enabled us to build a strong network of contacts and resources, including Title and Escrow. We leverage these connections to provide our clients with additional support and access to a wide range of services that complement their real estate lending needs.

professional development

Professional Development

Although retired from the mortgage broker role, we remain committed to ongoing professional development. We stay up to date with industry trends, regulatory changes, and new lending opportunities. This dedication allows us to provide our clients with the most current and relevant guidance.

Empowering Financial Success

Our core principle is to empower our clients to achieve financial success through strategic private money real estate lending. We aim to help them maximize their investment potential, overcome financial obstacles, and build a solid foundation for their real estate ventures.

Navigating the world of private money lending can be a complex and daunting task for real estate owners. That’s where hiring a consultant specialized in connecting clients with a vast network of private money lenders becomes invaluable.


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